5 Tips for A Successful Coin-Operated Laundry Business

April 25, 2015

Coin-operated laundry businesses provide an important service for people who live in apartments and other high-density housing. There is often not enough space for washers and dryers in the units. As a result, local residents rely on self-serve laundry facilities to do their weekly washing and drying. There are five basic elements that are key to running a successful coin-operated service.

1. Location
One of the most important elements is location. The business should be situated near high-density housing to make it convenient for local residents to stop by and use at their convenience. It should be located in a lower crime area to help customers feel safe while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry.

2. Machines
Perhaps the most important element of a successful coin-operated laundry business is the machines. Commercial washers and dryers are necessary. People will wash regular clothes, bedding and linens. Some may need heavy-duty rug machines. Customers will always try to get the most for their money, stuffing heavy loads into the machines whenever possible. While high volume and heavy loads can put a strain on machines, they should be kept operational at all times. Management should keep a variety of commercial washer parts and commercial dryer parts on the premises in case a machine breaks down, so they can be fixed quickly. While there is the most opportunity for profit when they are all working, it also projects the appealing image of a reliable service. When problems are reported, they should be remedied right away.

3. Cleanliness
To keep a business successful, it must be clean. This can be challenging with a number of dryers producing lint. Lint traps should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent fire hazards. A regular sweep and mop or vacuum of the floor keeps lint, trash and tracked-in dirt to a minimum. Providing trash cans at the end of every row of washing machines and dryers encourages patrons to keep the premises clean.

4. Convenience
Making the atmosphere convenient and comfortable is a draw for customers. Commercial laundry carts and folding areas are expected by today’s consumers. Vending machines with detergent, fabric softener and stain remover provide convenience for folks who run out unexpectedly or who can’t make it to the grocery store before laundry day. A change machine to provide tokens or quarters for commercial dryers and washers makes a significant difference to customers. Rather than securing change before they visit, they can simply gather their belongings and get change for machines upon their arrival.

5. Comfort
Providing entertainment, food and drinks to customers helps to keep them comfortable while they are waiting for their clothes. Management should consider installing TVs, video games, wireless Internet access, a magazine rack and some tables and chairs for guest comfort. A higher line establishment may also offer food and drink vending machines or a snack bar, complimentary computer workstations and clean restrooms.

How to Choose Commercial Blinds

April 13, 2015

Are you opening your own business? Or maybe you already run your own establishment and are in the process of decorating? If you answered yes to these questions commercial blinds should be on your list of decorating items.

Blinds for Commercial Properties

Offices, buildings, and institutions normally have many large windows that require blinds or curtains. Depending on the area you’re furnishing you have to take note of the sort of work, clientele, and patrons that will frequent the business to be able to determine the type and design of window treatment that could best meet your requirements.

For example, an advanced education or health institution might like to consider anti-microbial shades and drapes with flame retardant therapies. If your business houses expensive products you might like to investigate options that can help increase your current building or company security. If you house meeting rooms having large windows you ought to go for something designed to keep out harmful UV rays and also assist with regulating temperatures such as Roman commercial blinds.

When taking a look at coverings, remember that everything you purchase can also assist with your building’s or even office’s overall power efficiency. Blinds and drapes will help reduce electricity fees by controlling how much light enters a room or heat leaves the space. One option you might like to consider is motor-driven commercial blinds. These treatments can be pre-programmed to start and close at set hours, helping to regulate temperature while removing one item (closing and opening blinds) from your to-do list.

Assessing your business needs and clientele is a good starting point when contemplating window treatment selections. Once you learn your requirements, you will want to address your commercial blinds budget. A qualified consultant can help you find the right blinds that will perfectly fit your needs and price point.

How to clean your blinds

Materials shades

Monthly: Dust using the dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction).

Annually: have the blinds dry-cleaned.

Fabric up and down commercial blinds

Monthly: Close blinds so they lie smooth. Dust with the dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). To spot clean, lay the blinds on a flat surface. Blot any stains with a sponge dampened with mild dishwashing liquid and tepid water. Treat major stains with a commercial upholstery product (test with a hidden spot initially).

Annually: Have a specialist clean your blinds using a dry ultrasonic method

Honeycomb hues

Monthly: Dust with a feather duster or the dust-brush tool from the vacuum. Spot clean with a white cloth dampened with tepid water and slight dishwashing detergent. Blot lightly; do not rub vigorously.

Annually: Have a specialist clean your blinds using the injection/extraction process.

Metal and plastic venetian and vertical blinds

Monthly: Close blinds so they lie smooth. Moving from top to bottom, dust with a feather duster, lamb’s-wool duster, barely damp smooth cloth, or your dust-brush tool on the vacuum (set on low suction). Close them within the opposite direction and do the same thing on the other side.

Twice a year: Wipe just about every slat individually with a damp cloth and washing up liquid. Never use abrasive cleaners, which will damage the finish. The slats connected with vertical blinds may be taken down several at a time and set flat to make wiping less complicated.

UK Online Retailers – Forecast For 2015

March 24, 2015

The online retail industry can be considered as one of the highest selling industry nowadays. However, what can people involved in this industry expect from 2015?

From the sales’ point of view, it was stated that retailers are expecting their sales to grow by up to 4.7%. Other retailers expect this as the recovery within the economy continues. As stated, there is a possibility that the retail sector outperforms the wider part of the economy of United Kingdom. However, it was also stated that the issue on price was expected to continue. In fact, over a third of the retail industry is expected to reduce their prices as the year of 2015 enters.

It was also forecasted that 2015 would be a year of growth for about 59% of the major high street names in the industry. Hence, it is stated that two-thirds have the plan to make more investments in their businesses. As the end of 2015 approaches, about two-thirds of the retailers will start to offer click-and-collect services. These were all the findings obtained from a survey made involving the senior managers at about 100 top UK online retailers. These are the senior managers who were asked about their investment intentions and expectations as 2015 goes. Most of the retailers also believed that having physical stores is essential for profitability.

The recovery in economy is expected to happen with the help growth in the retail sector. This comes with the retailer’s determination to invest on. In fact, this expected growth will occur not just because of the investment made in several areas.

These areas include technology, staffing the online teams, changing the utilization of physical stores as well as improving the logistics capability. Of course, the participation of courier companies, like Courierpoint will be very significant here. This can only mean that retailers will be more cautious in choosing the company to serve as their partner. This ensures that quality service will be observed even with the simplest need for a parcel delivery to France.

Even in periods of uncertainty, the UK retail will remain the leader in the global market as long as heavy investment is done continuously in the aforementioned aspects. Aside from these, it was also forecasted that retailers will find it easier to get loans from most banks in comparison to the state in the past. Through this, the more retailers will have the money to pursue with their expansion plans.

One of the forecasts included is the increase in the footwear and clothing market. Menswear will also be the one driving the clothing market as more retailers invest in this sector. This is related to the huge demand of the people in the market. As a conclusion to these, it can be guaranteed that more purchases will also take place as these improvements are implemented. And, purchases will even increase if retailers keep up with their investment when it comes to updating their collections. Thus, you now learned the forecast about online retailers for 2015!

What is an immigration business plan and why do you need it?

February 27, 2015

The government of United States expects to see a well drafted business plan as an assistance for applicants that belong into EB5 immigrant entrepreneur category and E Treaty Visa category. The immigration laws of the country wants all the VISA applicants to be equipped with an immigration business plan. An immigration business plan can simply be defined as a document that needs to be created for a business that you are planning to start or purchase. It needs to be accompanied with a wide range of other documents when applying for a non-immigrant VISA in order to work and live in the United States.

Usually, all the non-immigrant visas in United States are temporary. They have an expiration and renewal date. It is the US Citizen and Immigration Services and US Department of State that require foreign people to apply for EB5, L1 or E2 visa in order to provide an immigration business plan to support the applications. The detailed business plan should contain information about the prevailing local market, financial projections including balance sheets and profit & loss statements, competition in the market and other related external sources. For the business to become operational, you need to provide a breakdown of the startup costs in detail.

Some people think that the immigration business plan is similar to the one that they create when starting a new business or applying for a bank loan. You need to keep in mind that these two business plans are not the same. You need to include some key components when creating an immigration business plan. For instance, it needs to be more focused on your non-immigrant visa requirements. These components differ when you apply for L1, E2 and EB5.

You need to pay more attention towards personal information when you are creating the immigration business plan. When you creating a traditional business plan, you just need to include future staffing levels and current details in summary format. That would not be enough for an immigration business plan. For instance, you will need to mention the job descriptions of all the current and future employees in detail. In addition, you need to show how you are planning to operate and how you are going to manage your business in the future. In fact, you need to provide five year financial projections. It is important to mention about all the fund sources that play a major role by supporting your business. This fact is applicable for seasonable businesses that operate during a certain period of the year as well.

It is important for all the non-immigrant visa applicants to showcase their business plan when they are applying for non-immigrant VISA in United States. You need to do it when you are starting a new business or purchasing a new franchise. If you do the homework, getting US visa will not be a hard task for you.